Thursday, December 18, 2008

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I have really felt I've come a fare ways since I started drawing. although I still have much to learn I know that what I have learn so far will be a good base to build upon. Life drawing one was a good intro into the human body and I found myself really starting to looking at how to bring out the 3D like look to a drawing just with some play changes. The look at the muscles under our skin and how they move flex and are connected to the bones was also helpful. I still feel I have much to learn from that.

Life drawing II has really open up ways of looking at the human body, the bones was something that I knew was there but really didn't put as much thought in as I should. I felt I gained insight into the placement of bones as well as plane changes. How dramatically changing angle can give a much more curved or again a 3D look to it. Adding shading to make the drawing stand out was not new, but I took a much deeper look into it when it came to placement on the human body.

I felt that the last few days were I was able to pull a lot of my work to gather to do some figure drawing help me see how far I had come and with Ami's help pointed out thing that can be still worked on. I plan to continue my work with drawing the human body, as well as to continue to work on my illustrated form of drawing which I am still developing.

The only thing I would have like to work a bit more is some of the model drawing, I felt I really could use my new skill to improve what I did in LDI.

Here are some of my work that I did well in, and enjoyed doing it.

Nicholas D. Ross

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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